New Year, New Blog!

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Finally! I’ve been wanting to blog for about a year now, but I’ve never quite had the courage or time to do it. Coming into the New Year I thought there’s no better time to start than now. Also there’s not much else to do when you’re hungover and your boyfriend has been playing FIFA for the past 3 hours!

Blogging is a scary concept. Telling the whole world who you are, and what you get up to – it’s just an open invitation to be judged! Another worry of mine is what to blog about. I’m definitely not one to ever be found speechless so I will just blog about whatever captures my imagination! There’s certain topics which I do want to cover. Drama and Theatre is my passion, and what I study at University in London so I will definitely be talking a lot about that! But I also love to travel, go to music festivals, socialise and go to the gym, so my blog is going to cover a very wide range of subjects.

When telling people that I wanted to start a blog there was mixed opinions… obviously my parents were supportive, as were most of my friends. But my favourite response was….

Featured imagewhich of course was always going to be said by someone! Nevertheless here I am writing my first post.

So a New Year means a New Blog! Who knows what this year may bring, but I look forward to letting you know every teeny-weeny detail! xo

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One thought on “New Year, New Blog!

  1. Congratulation for starting your own blog & wish you all the best for your wonderful blogging journey.
    I do understand; initially, it will be difficult about what to write; but my friendly advise; initially don’t care too much about subject, initially don’t keep objective of finding topics; keep the objective of writing regularly;because; since,your blog is new and with no followers (if you install the widget of follow the blog, I will be your first follower) So, you have complete liberty and freedom of subject.
    Second; as you start to write more, you will find your inner voice, which will later on guide you about what to write.
    Third, since it is your own blog in future when you find some topic which interest you most or say you feel that this is the topic upon which I will start to write; create category of that topic and start to write about it in various post format.
    Just hypothetical example of topic………
    Create a category of “Blogging journey”
    Since you have started your blog after one year delay;
    So, create a first post about since, how long you were thinking to create the blog, what were the mind blocks you were facing, how everybody discouraged you, how some one encouraged you etc.
    Then create the second post regarding creation of your blog, how you did it, how you installed the theme, how you set various widgets etc.
    Then, create the third post about the importance of selection of theme and how it affects your blogging.
    Like wise, just think about the subject, sub divided it in various small topics, search & surf through the net, collect various authentic and accurate information and write in most easy to understand manner!
    Very simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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