10 New Years Resolutions And How To Keep Them!

Towards the end of every year we start thinking of ways that we can improve ourselves…
Loose Weight?
Sleep More?
Socialise More?
Or Socialise Less?
Of course if this is something you want to do then go for it! But why not try and set yourself certain goals. How much weight do  you want to loose? Maybe instead of giving up something completely, just cut down. Resolutions don’t need to be negative things! Here is a few ideas that you may like!

1. Smile More! It’s been said that smiling actually releases endorphins (happy hormones)! Now, I’m no scientist so don’t quote me on that but it’s always nice to see people smiling.

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2. Drink More Water! It is never ever enjoyable waking up with a mouth drier than the sahara desert! Buy yourself a cute water bottle that fits in your handbag and take it everywhere you go! It’s said that water helps you have clearer skin, helps weight loss, helps you to stay alert and helps strengthen your immune system. A tip – pop a bit of lemon into your water, it makes it a bit more interesting and it’s definitely good for you!


Or add whatever fruit you like! Go crazy!


3. Stop looking for love. When the time is right, and the person is right, they will find you. Start loving yourself more.


4. Text a friend, or family member and let them know how appreciated they are. We often forget to do this. You don’t have to get all soppy and pour your heart out to them! Just simply tell them how much you value everything they do for you. You’ll probably make their day.

5. Spend less time thinking and more time doing! I seem to spend half my life worrying about all the work I have to do, which then wastes more of my time, causing me to be even more stressed! As my Mum always says – Just Do It! Even if you just spend 20 minutes on it – it’s 20 minutes more than you had done before. This also applies to things we want to do, but are too scared to! For example, blogging! I spent a year thinking about doing it and never actually doing anything about it! Fancy going skydiving, but you’re a bit scared? Just book it! Don’t let 2015 be the year of holding back.

This next one is definitely aimed at myself, and any other students out there –

6. Get up earlier! Even if it’s just 10 minutes earlier, think of all the things you can do in those 10 minutes. Sometimes I get up so late that I have no time to put my make-up or have breakfast. Both of which make me feel rubbish for the rest of the day! For many women, making ourselves look nice in the morning isn’t about wanting to impress people, it’s about feeling good about ourselves. Eating breakfast is something I really really need to do more! I was never good at having breakfast when at home but now I’m at uni I’m even worse! Who knew cereal was so expensive?! So for Christmas I got a smoothie maker, which is amazing! It’s so quick, easy and of course healthy! I definitely recommend it!
Click on the picture below to be redirected to the page you can buy it from.

Of course if you wanted you can always put icecream in it and make a milkshake! At some point I will be posting about my favourite recipes.

7. Start saving your spare change. Instead of spending it at the vending machine on a midnight snack (guilty), pop it in a a piggy bank and leave it there! Save it for that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, or that new handbag you’ve wanted for ages! Now, I know it’s easier said than done. So how about buying a piggy bank that you can only get into by smashing? I know someone who did this, over many years, and saved over £1000! They did put £20 notes in though! But every little helps, right?!

8. Spend 10 minutes reading the latest headlines. So I’m definitely guilty of getting into bed at night, or waking up in the morning and browsing on my phone for at least 5 minutes. Instead of scrolling down Facebook or Instagram open BBC News and see what’s happening in the world! It’s probably not as boring as you you think!

9. Cook More. And when I say cook I don’t mean just sticking a pizza in the oven! Use fresh fruit and veg! It’s a million times more healthy and it tastes so much better! Stop heading straight to the frozen isle when you go to the supermarket and start going to the fruit and veg isle! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. One of my favourite websites is Student Recipes. It allows you to say what certain meat you are, or aren’t using and comes up with loads of easy recipes you can follow.


10. Be forgiving. Sometimes forgiving can be the hardest thing, but I assure you, in the long run you will fill SO much better for it! I’m not just talking about forgiving other people. Forgive yourself as well. So what if you had 3 takeaways this week!? Don’t spend the next week worrying about it. It’s ok! Forgiving is about accepting what has happened, and moving on from it.

Now I know all these different resolutions are a bit overwhelming. How about choosing just one? Or trying a different one each month?

Maybe New Years resolutions just aren’t for you, and that’s ok! Don’t feel the need to have one just because it’s ‘what people do’ at this time of year. There’s no point trying to do something you know you’re not going to be able to stick to.

So instead, why not try finding one word that you want to base your year around? Faith, for example. Have more faith in yourself and in others. Believe, you can pass this exam!

I hope this will help you to kickstart your 2015!

And if you’re one of those people who simply does not need to make a New Years Resolution, then good for you! I’m sure there’s many people out there who wish they had your confidence! xo



One thought on “10 New Years Resolutions And How To Keep Them!

  1. As per your wish on Daily post comment; I have not read your first post but visited your entire blog!
    As you wrote there” tell me what you think”;
    So this is what I am thinking.
    First of all) congratulation for starting your own blog.
    Second) Despite of first post you have written in wonderful manner.
    Third) your topic of the subject most relevant; because this is one of the most search and surf topic especially during the days of late December and beginning of January.
    Fourth) Your all the resolutions are good; but if you ask me which one I like most;
    1)Be forgiving……..
    2)Smile More!…….
    3)Spend less time thinking and more time doing!
    are three I like most; but now if you ask me tell me about only one resolution you like most, definitely I will say this one I like most………
    “Stop looking for love. When the time is right, and the person is right, they will find you. Start loving yourself more”.


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