My Little Trip To Liverpool!

I’ve only even been to Liverpool once before, with my school drama class to see Blood Brothers when it was on tour – I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life (and this was the 2nd time I had seen it!)
Anyway, my sister recently moved there with her boyfriend so my cousins and I decided it was time to pay her a visit! I got the train over and when I arrived it was freezing! We went straight to my sisters flat which is lovely and modern and right on the docks.
Being the most indecisive family EVER we spent about an hour discussing where we fancied going for dinner by which time we were all starving so decided to go out and find somewhere! We walked round the city centre and came across Luche Libra, which was one of the restaurants we’d looked at online. It was only 4:30p.m. at this point but I don’t think any of us could wait another minute for food! I love Mexican food! I think it’s probably my favourite type of food (and I love a lot of food!)
Firstly we ordered drinks, which of course took me about 10 minutes to decide what I even wanted! This is always hard decision for me as most people would have a glass of wine or a beer but I hate beer and I’m allergic to wine (I know, it’s a nightmare!) but finally I decided on an Old Mout Passion fruit flavoured cider, and it was definitely the right decision!
So then we were straight onto the food and being at a Mexican we couldn’t possibly start our meal without Nachos to share! We all dived in straight away! The best thing about sharing food with family is that you don’t need to be polite and offer it to them first – it’s every man for themselves! Sharing food sometimes makes me nervous, I’m so scared that everyone will get more food than me – which is not ok! There was 5 of us and we decided to get 3 of the plates to share for 2 people, (meaning there was extra food wahoo!) a Taco Tray, Street Food Tray and a Mixed Grill. My favourite was definitely the mixed grill. Although it wasn’t presented in the nicest way (it was just a huge pile of meet smothered in BBQ sauce) none of us cared in the slightest. The chicken wings were so crispy and tasty, my mouth is watering at the thought of them. But the BBQ ribs were on another level!!! Best ribs I’ve ever had and they were smothered in the most amazing BBQ sauce! With our sharing plates we got to choose 6 sides as well, so there was definitely enough food!! My cousin and I are both poor students so when we were looking for a restaurant we were very wary of the price. For the 3 sharing plates and 6 sides we payed only £11 each which was not bad at all for the amount and quality of the food we got.

After paying our bill we went off to the pub Bier for another drink! It was so warm and cosy inside which was nice after the short walk from the restaurant. I got a mixed berries Rekorderlig, can you tell how much I like my fruit ciders?! There was one particular part of this pub that I loved. The music. Seriously, if there was a karaoke machine I would of stayed there all night! Respect by Aretha Franklin, an absolute classic and so many more like this, I was loving it. At this point me, my cousin Sarah and sister had decided that we were going to go out! My other cousin, Will was still undecided and my sisters boyfriend couldn’t come as he had to get up for work at 6am… eww.
After going to Tesco’s and getting our vodka we went back to my sisters flat where the drinking games began. First we played Fuck the dealer – you can find the rules here. This definitely sent us all on our way and Will decided he was coming out! Although downing too much fizzy lemonade and vodka meant that Sarah had to pull her tights down to allow room for bloating hahaha. We then began playing Shithead which to be honest I still have no idea how to play, and obviously I lost but whatever! No one explained the rules properly! We made ourselves look presentable, I changed outfits 3 times,
we took some pictures and then we were ready to go!
10502540_10205932860028629_3711952299175316869_n 983844_10205934249743371_8641005766129420842_n10805608_10205934249703370_4444635120383852032_n  10917868_10205934249823373_3085851306327982_n
Now, I hate tequila! I have never liked it and I don’t think I ever will! But, my sister loves it so first stop CaVa the tequila bar! Ok so I know I said I don’t like tequila and I wasn’t lying but a shot of passion fruit tequila didn’t go down too badly! We went upstairs and found a sofa to sink in to. A random man came up to my cousin, shook his hand and congratulated him for being with 3 girls… I don’t think he realised we were family but we didn’t bother telling him! My sister went to the bar and came back with shots of normal tequila! Eww! But I can’t be saying no to a free drink, so I licked the salt off my hand did the shot and sucked on the lemon for a good 5 minutes! We had a toilet stop, a desperados each and we were on to the next place!

Alma De Cuba! Wow! Every Friday and Saturday petals fall from the ceiling and you enter in to a carnival atmosphere with samba dancers dressed in incredible costumes! We started watching the dancers and before we knew it Sarah, Anna and I were all on stage dancing with them! Of course I was in my element here, with enough alcohol in me to think I looked like Beyonce I was really going for it, I bet I looked like such an idiot, but at least I was enjoying myself!
10898221_10205932879149107_1926259202355305626_n  10888419_10205932876429039_8166001971708788700_n  10262193_10205932876229034_4981240877851184069_n
Next stop – Heebie Jeebies! Now, this is where my memory slowly starts to deteriorate! We had a drink and Will and I went outside as Anna and Sarah went for a toilet break! The outside area was really pretty, there was plenty of places to sit and it wasn’t cold. We then went upstairs and sat on a sofa and had this picture taken…. that’s about it!
961442_10152926400260923_1694323796_n 10906031_10205932879189108_6835895124367112844_n 10913630_10152926400500923_1457539240_n

Last, but certainly not least was Pop World!!! Ok, so this might sound like the cheesiest place in the world, and guess what?! It is! And I love it! They played Busted, S Club, Beyonce, Taylor Swift (after Sarah literally asked the DJ 50 times to play Blank Space!) we were in our element! I think this place was made for me, if only they played musicals! Although they did play Queen so I guess that kind of counts as a musical! If I lived in Liverpool I’d probably go here at least once a week. I wouldn’t even need to drink. Inside it’s like the tardis or Mary Poppins bag. It is so much bigger inside than what it looks like from the outside. I would definitely recommend going here if you love a good 90s  classic!

Waking up on Sunday morning was dire. We got in at about 5:30 am, so just in time to wake Anna’s boyfriend up for work! I think we were all still slightly drunk when we woke up, but none of us could move. After about an hour we managed to drag ourselves outside and down to the docks for some food. With Anna leading the way we walked in to a restaurant for some lunch (yes it was lunch time already!) and where had she brought us?! Revolutions! A VODKA BAR?!?! Seriously Anna! There word vodka was plastered everywhere! Over the walls, over the menus, there was posters of different flavoured vodka shots and worst of all they had vodka relish!
Now it took us a fairly long time to eat. Will was the only one who managed to finish his HUGE burger! I slowly started feeling worse and worse throughout the meal! I had a burger as well, and it had wotsits in it! Yes wotsits the crisps! It was actually nice! Although my favourite part of the meal was the chips and coleslaw! Coleslaw is so underrated! Revolutions coleslaw is so good, it has pieces of apple in it which just made it perfect!

Back to Anna’s flat to do the only thing that we could… watch Harry Potter! The perfect way to end our short trip! It finished just in time for us to get to the train station for the horrible hungover journey home!

I definitely recommend going to any of these places if you’re ever in Liverpool!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, it wouldn’t let me upload the pictures!xo


One thought on “My Little Trip To Liverpool!

  1. “This is always hard decision for me as most people would have a glass of wine or a beer but I hate beer”
    Keep it up!
    Wonderful writing a minutely yet very interesting description of entire journey!!!!!!!!!!!!


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